Participate ?

Do you want to participate in the 2020 edition of Avignon City Swing? Wondering what is your level? The courses have been designed to match 5 different dancer profiles. Do you see which one is right for you? !


Level 1 : Project Swing

I want to discover West Coast Swing. A free initiation is offered on Friday. It does not matter if I have already done other dances or not, this level is for me if it’s the first time I take a West Coast Swing class or have done very little. An extra hour will be offered on Saturday morning if I want to register for the full course (level 2 beginner of the year). I can also join this course to revise my basics or learn the opposite role (mandatory online pre-registration to manage parity and number of people).

Level 2 : Initiates, beginners of the year

To access this course, I must at least have started WCS classes in September. I am comfortable with the basics (Whip, Side Pass, Prep, Sugar Push, Tuck Turn …).

Level 3 : Intermediate

I have been dancing West Coast Swing for more than a year, doing workshops and evenings as much as possible. I can dance in the evening and I know my basics but I’m still not completely comfortable with all types of music, connections or more complex movements.

Level 4 : Advanced

I have been doing WCS for several years and I do internships and evenings when I can, next to my regular classes. I’m comfortable with my basics but also more complex concepts (connection, rock’n’go …) I start playing with music but wish to be more comfortable.

Level 5 : Confirmed

WCS is my drug: I travel to participate in events and / or competitions. I have dance experience that goes beyond the WCS and the social and I’m comfortable on the dancefloor. I have no barriers in my learning (pure technique as well as power moves). I want to understand the WCS in depth.

For this level your registration will automatically put you on waiting list until validation by the organization: in the “comment” area of ​​your registration, specify the name of the teacher who supports your request and we will contact him to know your level. You will receive an email confirming our response.

There will be no level test, however the teachers and organizers reserve the possibility to make you change level if necessary. So if you have doubts do not hesitate to ask us!